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What is ZgPress?

ZgPress is a non-profit publisher supporting the production of high-caliber critical thought addressing all levels of cultural production. We are small, agile and ambitious. We support a select group of talented writers and foster creative connections between diverse eras and areas of interest. ZgPress aims to remove the boundaries that have been inhibiting innovative creative thought for decades.

ZgPress Timeline

2004: The ideas that had driven the original ZG Magazine, that the world had gone into flux and that current cultural constructs were either incapable or unwilling to address the uncertainty, had been dormant for nearly 20 years. Post-Reagan political realities were showing their strain as the U.S. inaugurated a third term for a Bush President. The world woke up to its bizarro condition, and new ideas began to find their voices. Rosetta Brooks thought briefly of reviving ZG Magazine to chronicle these new voices, but periodicals had lost their currency. There needed to be new methods to capture this new zeitgeist.

2005: Rosetta Brooks launched DotCommentaryDotCom, a project that gave voice to young critics and theorists, and an experiment in using the internet as a site for high-level cultural discourse.

2007: Although the DotCommentary project succeeded in giving voice to a new generation of thinking, it was not able to capture the full complexity of the emerging intellectual world; a more dynamic and far reaching effort was needed. The new project would require resources and voices and a vision that the humbleness of Dot Commentary could not provide.

2008: ZgPress in its mature form began to take shape. The core group, Rosetta Brooks, Christina Valentine and Jason Mahanes, came together to pursue the project and to build a cultural institution from scratch. Realizing the scope of this new entity, the three principals developed a strategic vision for ZgPress, a vision that developed into a non-profit research and production entity, supporting new voices through material and research support, as well as in the production and dissemination of their ideas.

2009: ZgPress became a official 501(c)3 non-profit entity.

2010: goes live as an online project space for ZgPress writers, artists, critics, and oddballs.