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Who is ZgPress?

Rosetta Brooks, editor and publisher of ZG magazine, is the Editor-in-Chief of ZgPress. For more than 30 years, she has been at the heart of the zeitgeist as it travelled from London to New York to Los Angeles. As a writer, editor, publisher, and educator, she has maintained a high level of participation in the production of “avant-garde” thought in and around the fine arts. Rosetta Brooks, as the driving force behind ZgPress, seeks to discover and foster the writers and artists who will define the future of creative production. Under her leadership, ZgPress will provide a vehicle for these culture producers to find and foster the wider audiences that are so desperately needed.

Christina Valentine, critic, curator and theorist, runs the day to day operations of ZgPress. With degrees from Occidental College and ArtCenter, and as a veteran of the education department of the UCLA Hammer Museum, she is the driving force behind ZgPress’ mission to meaningfully redefine the interconnections among artists, writers and the institutions that support them. Her participation in all levels of the process of meaning-making around creative endeavors gives her a unique outlook on the ZgPress project and makes her an invaluable resource for the young artists and authors who we support.

Mia Chamasmany, is a Los Angeles-based graphic designer and has been collaborating with ZG Press since 2011. As Creative Director, Mia manages all aspects of design, production and marketing that is necessary to fulfill the needs of ZG’s newest titles; whether it be for digital application or print. From concept to production, she visually interprets our ongoing conversation on the complex relationships of text and image. With an emphasis on experimentation, Mia pushes the boundaries of the book as both physical and digital object in our current culture.